Recovery Home Program

The Victory Outreach Home has a recovery program and a re-entry program. The recovery program includes the following levels:

First level “The change of lifestyle”: 2 months

The first two weeks there is no contact outside the program.

Acknowledging the need of help and understand that it is God who can help you.
Detoxication and overcoming life controlling problems.
Deciding to continue or to quit, taking responsibility for your actions in the past and present.
Second level “Evaluation of your lifestyle”: 4 months

Building a dependent relationship with God.
Learning to take responsibility and to have discipline.
Managing new patterns of behavior.
Third level “Developing a lifestyle”: 3 months

Growing in spiritual maturity.
Have trust in God and in yourself.
Building positive relationships.
Fourth level “Re-entry”

The Re-entry level is the level where the individual will start taking more responsibility in working on different areas in his own life such as social aspects and financial aspects. Church involvement is important for building relationships and development of spiritual life becomes imperative.