Follow up

Home visits
Church members who can not come to church for some reason, people that have a need for social contact or people with specific problems and who need help will be visited at home.
Hospital visits
Church members who are sick at home or in hospital are being visited and prayed for by a team of follow up workers.
Prayer group
We have a prayer group that prays for all people of the world, specifically for people in The Hague and surrounding cities. We also pray for unity among Christian leaders in our city and for all the church members.
Social service
The follow up team is also busy with social issues church members have. Where needed we help or direct them to the right place
This can mean:
upbringing problems
financial problems
housing problems
daily spending > work and education
Marriage and pre-marriage counseling
Young members as well as old members that want to get married will be prepared for marriage by us. It is important to take time for this big step. The future couples will be counseled for their marriage by biblical principles.
Pastoral counseling
People with complex and deep problems will be guided to the pastor or assistant-pastors. The problems will be listed and evaluated. After that there will be worked on solutions according to the will of God.
Prayer group
This group is a group of men that come together to receive leading for specific issues.
Youth follow up
We have youth workers who are specialized in working with young people.
Connect people with different ministries within the for further practical social development.